SACU Settles Two-Year Grievance for COVID-19 Callback Pay

After nearly two years, the members of Oregon AFSCME Local 1246, Stabilization and Crisis Unit (SACU), have finally settled their grievance over unpaid mandatory call-backs - ensuring fair compensation for affected employees.

The grievance in question revolved around employees who were called back into work for SACU-sponsored COVID testing events but had not previously received the mandatory 4-hours of call-back pay. This issue had been a source of tension and frustration for many SACU workers who worked tirelessly during the pandemic. However, the newly reached settlement offers a resolution that aims to rectify the situation and provide just compensation.

The Key Highlights of the Settlement:

  • $75 Per Incident: Under the terms of the settlement, employees who were called back into work for SACU-sponsored COVID testing events and did not receive the required 4-hours of call-back pay will be compensated with $75 per incident. This means that for each instance in which an employee went into work on their day off for a SACU-sponsored testing event, they will receive $75.

  • Claim Submission Deadline: To receive the promised compensation, impacted employees are required to submit a claim form by November 30, 2023. This deadline is crucial, so it's essential for eligible employees to ensure their claims are submitted in a timely manner.

  • Review and Processing: The Human Resources (HR) department will diligently review all submitted claim forms by December 31, 2023. HR will then compile the finalized list of eligible employees to be submitted to payroll by January 15, 2024.

  • Timely Payment: With the submission of the finalized list to payroll, employees can expect to receive their compensation in their February 1st paychecks.

“Our success in resolving this grievance is because of the solidarity SACU members showed throughout the grievance process. When workers stand together, we have the power to affect real change in our workplaces and the communities we serve” said Christina Sydenstricker-Brown, President of Local 1246 and a Direct Support Crisis Specialist with SACU.