Yamhill County Workers Ratify Contract After Five-Day Strike

The Yamhill County Employee Association (YCEA)/AFSCME Local 1422 is proud to announce that its members have overwhelmingly voted to ratify the agreement reached with the county last week, after a five-day strike and work stoppage. The agreement highlights the collaborative efforts of these incredibly dedicated workers to address their key concerns and ensure a fair and equitable working environment for all workers. 

The top contract highlights include:

  • Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA): Members will receive COLA increases of 7% in Year 1, which is retroactive to July 1, 3% in Year 2, and 3% in Year 3.

  • Holiday Pay: Employees will now receive straight pay for holidays, regardless of their work schedule. This will impact nearly two-thirds of county workers who work irregular shifts and previously had to use their own paid leave to make up the difference in hours for paid holidays. 

  • Longevity Pay: Longevity pay will now begin at 5 years instead of 10 years for workers who are at the top of their salary range, and will be a percentage of salary instead of a flat rate. 

  • Increase in Differential for Bilingual Employees: The differential for bilingual employees will increase from 4% to 6%, retroactive to July 1. 

Oregon AFSCME Interim Executive Director Joe Baessler congratulated the workers on their powerful action, stating, "This agreement represents a significant victory for the Yamhill County Employee Association and underscores the power of unity among workers. By standing together, YCEA members have secured a fair and just contract that recognizes the value of their contributions."

YCEA President Michelle Mendoza added, "The strength of our union is in the solidarity of our members. We are proud to have fought together to negotiate a contract that addresses many of the needs and concerns of our members, and we will continue to build our strength to ensure that we get what we need and deserve in the future."